A blog to watch-Jura Collection

Rotary are proud to have featured on such a highly decorated blog! ‘A blog to watch’ is continuously updating and educating the world on the latest watch news.

Although this article is a blast from the past, our beautiful Jura range featured a exceptional review! Adam Morin claims that he loves the “plain matte finish” explaining that this is however you differentiate quality watch makers such as us and cheaper alternatives trying to copy the popular skeleton style.

We know what you’re thinking, if this article was produced in 2013 why are you bring it up now?

 Rotary have a new line of Jura watches in our AW15 range, these were inspired by our original designs that featured in this article. With the Rotary philosophy of using our heritage to sculpt our future designs we felt it was important to share the success of our last Jura collection!

If you want to read the whole article in ‘A Blog to Watch’ the click here or alternatively you can view our whole Jura collection on the Rotary Website.