Chronographs are commonly used throughout the watch industry, but what is its purpose? Rotary are huge fans of the Chronograph as you can see in our latest designs! Watch Geek Matthew O’Neill explains in this video!


The first Chronograph was invented by Louis Moinet in 1816. Originally called ‘Compteur de tierces’ by the inventor…This was far ahead of its time, allowing precision to a sixtieth of a second. The original designs featured two sub dials, similar to the designs you see today. This development measured six times more precise than the norm!

This incredible break through was originally designed for an astronomical transit instrument. By sharing the secrets to this design, Moinet established himself as one of the greatest horologists of all times.

 Impact on today’s Watch making

Although the chronograph is a basic stopwatch, it features heavily in today’s world. This is a testament to Moinet and his revolutionary design. Almost every watch company has used this idea to create versions of their watches! Just look at our website, we have a fantastic range of Chronograph watches all inspired by Moinet.  

Our AW15 and our SS16 range both features chronograph watches. Visit your local stockists to have a look at more fabulous Rotary watches.

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