Watch it all about – Dreyfuss & Co

Watch it all about have produced another fantastic article about ‘The Dreyfuss Group’. This time highlighting Dreyfuss & Co’s dual time watch. Joshua Clare-Flagg published this article in the summer of 2015.

The initial impressions on the Seafarer Dual Time watch is that it’s a well designed watch, with beautiful presentation. This of course talking about the polished wooden box all Dreyfuss watches come in. But enough about the packaging! Joshua moves on to the case, describing the slightly unusual barrel shape as softening to the eye; and assesses the case as high quality from both the look and feel of it.

Moving on the dual time watches elegant dial. Two subdials both inset on the dial are described as large enough to be the main attraction but not overbearing; exactly what the Dreyfuss designers aimed for! Despite this magnificent dial, Joshua seems most impressed by the strap. “Instantly comfortable” is the term used to describe the alligator leather straps.

Joshua’s final comments are as positive as the rest of this review. Claiming he did not follow Dreyfuss & Co before reviewing this watch, he feels it’s a real ‘Gem’. Joshua may now be a fan after all! If you want to see the whole review click here or visit your local Dreyfuss stockists to look for yourself!