WHAT WATCH to look for

 A watch is more than just an impulse buy! We all know it takes time to find the watch you want and even then, how can you definitely trust it?

Here at Rotary we are confident our watches meet the criteria, but we have some advice on what to look for when buying a watch!

For the watch novice you may base you decision on looks alone? Well don’t! Before you reach your final decision you should look into the type of movements. In basic terms the movement makes the watch tick…but there is more than one type of movement. For our Rotary enthusiasts you will know we have a combination of quartz movements and automatic movements. An automatic movement needs manual winding to start the watch, then uses kinetic energy from you to power the watch…meaning it’s powered by your movement. These watches are highly regarded. A quartz movement is a battery operated movement, which was created to improve accuracy of the watch.

 Another important thing to remember is the price! You will be looking for a specific watch within you price range, but alarm bells should ring for an extremely cheap watch. These watches often use cheap materials and can break easily. A mid to high priced brand such as Rotary, will give you trust that the materials and movement used is both reliable and impressive!

 We recommend looking into the type of watch you like. There are many different styles, and knowing what you want will help you locate the perfect watch. At Rotary we have an exceptional variation of watches, from dress watches to everyday use; from a plain dial to a skeleton dial we have it all! Below are some examples of the different watches you may be looking for:


 Rotary have a fine selection of dress watches, with a choice of leather straps or stainless steel bracelets. To find out more information about Dress watches, click here to visit a collection of Rotary’s favourite dress watches.


 As one of our most successful styles the skeleton dial allows view of the movement within. Rotary create a large number of skeleton watches, because we are proud to show of the exceptional movements within! To a watch novice the idea of a skeleton watch is an exciting prospect!


 The Chronograph watch adds stopwatch functionality to your watch. We have a large selection of Chronograph watches, alternatively visit our blog post on chronograph watches to find out more!

 The final criteria your future purchase should meet, is there guarantee. A watch is a big investment for some, and therefore there is fear that it could break, costing a lot to fix! We recommend looking for a minimum of 2 years guarantee. At Rotary we have taken this one step further offering life time guarantee to our customers if they have their watch serviced every 3 years!