Interesting read from Carl Thompson’s blog, on ‘the little touches that make a huge difference’. This blog highlights small differences that a person can make to add style to their attire. With an ever increasing importance to the way a person presents themselves, this may save you! Everyone knows the basic work attire, but it’s these small touches that make you stand out.

Carl highlights the importance of a ‘dapper’ watch, and picks a Les Originales Kensington watch as his ‘Buy of the Month’. With the superb collection of clothes and accessories that Carl has; this is a huge honour. Carl an expert in fashion and styling describes his Kensington as Classic and classy, and we couldn’t agree more! We have a huge selection of Kensington watches, with stainless steel, PVD rose gold or PVD gold plated cases, meaning there is the perfect watch for everyone!

These may be little touches, but they make a huge difference. This Rotary watch is a perfect dress watch, complimenting the plain blue suit Carl describes. You can tell a lot about a person by the watch they wear, and the rose gold Kensington scream sophistication and class.

We recommend Carl Thompsons blog, with easy reading and great content! Click here to read the full ‘Little touches that make a big difference’ blog or go to the Rotary Website to see our Kensington range!