GMT Time Zone

As you probably already know, we at Rotary like to go a step further and feature some unique complications on our Swiss watches.

Our ever popular Legacy range features two watches that include a ‘GMT’ time zone. Whats a GMT watch,… “GMT” stands for Greenwich Mean Time and is the “zero” point on the 24 hour scale of international time zones.  GMT was established so that travellers would be able to quickly to know what time it is all over the world as long as they knew what the GMT time was and what to add or subtract from that time to get the local time on another place.

GMT watches were developed mostly for aviation purposes and include both the “local” and “GMT” time so the traveller can always reference back to GMT or indeed their local time.

GMT watches have two hands to display the time in a 12-hour format and an independently adjustable 24-hour hand.

Many people use GMT watches to know their local time, and some other time zone that is usually not GMT. Thus, GMT watches are typically used to know the time in any two time zones (not necessarily your local time and strictly GMT).

To recap, GMT watches are used to show two time zones at once, with traditionalists setting the GMT hand to the actual GMT time.

To see the popular GMT watches that Rotary feature, click here to go to the Rotary site now!

The legacy GMT comes with a black dial and a unique blue dial while the tradition also features two GMT watches.

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