Summer Garden Party

School’s out and what better way to enjoy the summer sun with your family than to kick back, put your feet up and enjoy a Summer Garden Party (as long as the weather stays on side!)? Whether you’re having friends and family over, or striking lucky and enjoying being a guest – we’ve got you covered!

We’ve selected five stunning ladies watches so you don’t need to worry about looking or feeling your best self. With a beautiful Rotary Ladies timepiece on your wrist, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is how many servings of cream to have with your strawberries!

1. Rotary Ultra Slim White Stainless Steel Watch £189

2. Rotary Oxford White Stainless Steel Quartz Watch  £215

3. Rotary Rose Gold Cambridge Ladies Quartz  £219

4. Rotary Ladies Windsor stainless steel watch  £159

5. Rotary Two Tone Rose Gold Kensington Ladies Quartz  £199