A short list of frequently asked questions. These FAQ’s refer to product

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How do I use my Chronograph?

Follow the link to see an impressive collection of Rotary Chronographs.

What is a Tachymeter?

A tachymeter is a way of recording speed over a fixed distance. On the bezel of some Rotary watches is a scale.

To work out how to read your tachymeter follow the formula T = 3600 / Time taken in seconds. 3600 is the number of seconds in a hour..

Rotary have a number of watches with Tachymeter functionality. Stay tuned for an experts explanation when Senior product designer Matthew O’Neill stars in our latest video!

My Automatic watch has stopped?

An automatic watch operates differently from the more commonly found quartz watches. To find our impressive collection of Rotary automatic watches click here.

Is my watch water resistant? 

Rotary ensure that all our watches meet the Dolphin Standard, watch the video above to find out how we do this.

What does Dual time zones mean?

Rotary are looking in to new exciting ways to create a dual time zone watch! We currently provide an impressive GMT collection…But do you know what Dual time zone watches actually do? Find out from our Senior Product Designer Matthew O’Neill.

How can I ensure my watch stays in perfect condition?

Rotary provide weekly tips on our Twitter page using the hashtag ‘#TopTips’. We aim to provide you with simple tips that will help you to keep your Rotary watch in perfect condition!